Wednesday, 9 December 2015

God Changes Rules with Context but the Human mind becomes Rigid about Obedience

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The metaphors, rules and rituals given in scriptures are symbols depicting underlying feelings. Focusing on the right feelings increases happiness in life. If the methods followed to create the desired feelings create negative energy more than positivity in the being, they have to be discarded or changed with context, people and circumstances.
In the process of being happy, you always have to be aware that the words which spread negativity in the mind, are not the words of God but are wrong interpretations of scriptures done by people who feel negative about their own life.
The rules given in scriptures of God hold only at the level of feeling not in terms of time, place or rituals. Some interpretators of scriptures are so rigid that they prevent a person from praying because the methodology or time is not correct. Instead of helping a soul in evolving, such rigid parameters block the soul’s connection to God. Time and method do not matter to a higher soul frequency as only feelings or energy movement is felt in higher realms.

Traditionally, rigidity is encouraged to prevent destruction of old values.  However, old walls have to break for new structures to find place. Similarly, destruction of old values is necessary for new values to take over.

God represents love, responsibility and justice for all. God does not force you to follow any rule. Rules are made for your convenience and have to be broken for your convenience just as old structures have to be broken so that new ones can take their place. Rules and rituals which create tension have to be dissolved and replaced with habits which increase inner happiness and harmonize the soul with the body’s needs.

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