Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Human beings have been trained into being sad traditionally . Though God aimed at creating a happy world, the scriptures were interpreted such as to promote misery over positivity. Instead of being used for promoting  goodness as a means of soul evolution, traditions were used to promote sacrifice over soul empowerment, compromise over evolving consciousness


Circumstances on Earth are not the same today as they were forty years ago when our parents were young and leaning to survive. Due to the technological boom , the rising of Earth’s frequency and changes in new generation thinking patterns; choices today offer a lot more opportunity for being happy than was possible fr an older generation.

For example, women are far more liberated today than they were in the earlier days. As a result, it is possible to break marriages which do not support love and happiness, which was not possible by the traditional doctrines. Mind-sets have not changes completely but the process has begun. Women who are divorced experience a lot more freedom and space than being tied in an unhappy marriage. Parents have become more supportive and a woman with children gets more support from her parents than she does from an unhappy husband or in-laws.

Similarly, men have more freedom now to travel and find success in areas which was considered impossible earlier. Sports and entertainment industry are promoting income opportunities on wholesale for all those people who are willing to sacrifice family time and a need for conventional thinking/knowledge. Men who are not bound sexually find it much easier to grow in the entertainment industry than men committed to marriage vows or love needs. There is opportunity for survival where none existed earlier.

The need is to understand that everyone is not the same. Everyone will not find happiness in the same way and everyone will not even be happy with the same things. For one person, happiness may mean dancing at nights while for another person, happiness may mean reading a book cozily in warm blankets. Similarly, for one person, happiness may mean owning a surfeit of consumer items; while for another person happiness may mean having a small house in the hills with a waterfall nearby.
Tension and anxiety arise when you try to sacrifice your own needs of happiness and allow yourselves t dominated by other people’s thinking; deciding that others have more wisdom than you have. 

However, as souls, you have to realize that God created each one with a unique life purpose. Just as all flowers in the garden cannot be same, all human beings cannot feel good or be good by being the same .Some people literally look prettier while being fat than when they are thin.
Everyone does not have the same choice in clothes, in books or in food.

 If someone does not like what you like, there is no need to feel upset, yell, scream or attack in self -defense. Just as you cannot convert a cow into a lion, you cannot insist on converting a vegetarian into a non –vegetarian.
Similarly, people have different methods of worship. 

Some methods may be better than others but that is again a matter of perspective. Methods of worship differ depending on the region they were originated in, the language cult of the people and the climatic conditions which support the religion. For example, he Muslim and Christian religions allow eating non-veg. food because they originated in regions where vegetarian food was not grown in surplus. Muslim religions originated in desserts where there was no vegetation and Christianity thrived in the West where cold winds and ice rules the climate. God gave wisdom according to the needs of survival, as needed by the people pf the region.

However all religions support the common principles of being truthful and honest to yourself. Staying in unhappy marriages or in jobs where you have to compromise on your values, does not make you feel empowered as souls.

However, if you meditate deeply and apply ENERGY CORD CUTTING techniques daily, you will automatically leave a set-up wherein you betray yourself .But, if you cannot leave, you can choose to meditate and be detached by just becoming immune to comments which generate sadness in you. To be happy and wise, it is necessary to learn how to ignore dominating voices from souls who insist that you compromise, instead of obeying them or insisting that they obey you. 

Earth is like a roadway where there are different zones of driving. Some souls are slow drivers and some souls are fast drivers. The people who are negative and find faults with every situation are the slow drivers. They cannot drive in sped and harmony. Souls which are peaceful and can ignore obstacles are the fast drivers who can fly in speed over obstacles, doubts, towards being happy and healthy.

Understanding that differences exist and we can all live together in the same garden, called Earth, is necessary for harmony and happiness to rise as a whole.

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