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This topic is discussed in detail in the book :REDEFINING HAPPINESS

Though popular media thrives on selling horror stories and ghost tales, Ghosts are as harmless or as harmful as a normal person can be albeit without a body to support it . Ghosts are generally frail and weak forms of holosync consciousness which does not evaporate just because the body dies. A person is a thinking being and the identity remains strong even though the body evaporates unless spiritual awareness develops enough to detach from problems on Earth at the drop of an instant moment of death.

It is silly to deny existence of ghosts as most people have spirit attachments like virus staying in body, be it of alive or dead people . If thoughts of alive people dominate you, you have spirits of alive people attached with you. If thoughts of dead people dominate over you, you have entertained ghost attachments who lost ther own bodies.

Ghosts exist just as air exists. Ghosts are the energy which remains when a physical body dies. While the physical body decomposes, the energy which is tied in thoughts of the person does not dissolve immediately after death on its own.

The consciousness of the person remains. If the person is spiritually aware, and thinks positive at the last moment the spirit consciousness releases into a portal of God’s light seen/felt at the moment of death. This light is of a positive frequency and can only absorb consciousness of a matching positive frequency.

There are several people who are not positive at the moment of death. The consciousness of sadness which people die with remains in the air and affects the thoughts of people concerned with the spirit like his/her family members, friends, relatives who stay connected in memory , lovers, soulmates and future incarnations.

Death is an illusion. Nobody dies. The spirit just eaves one body and enters another. If it gets released completely, it comes back in a future incarnation and a healthy environment. Most spirits do not get released completely and get fragmented into several parts which join different bodies.

If you are overweight, confused, anxious, depressed or have diseases in your body, it is normal to have a spirit attachment which is perpetuating the problems.

However, this consciousness of the dead person is made of energy or air. There is no physical body which remains and which can harm. The consciousness can only influence your thinking and transfer feelings of sadness by energy vibrations but it cannot touch you just as air cannot touch you.

The spirit can create mental tension in you but cannot hit you just as air cannot hit a physical form. The ghosts can make you indulge in self harm by inflicting thoughts of suicide inside you or it can make you doubt your self -worth. The spirits can also make you behave badly with others assuming that the other people are harming you and the spirit can make you hate yourself if it’s the spirit of person who dislikes you.
Spirit attachments carry over from past lives also of lovers or enemies who died while trying to kill you. Revengeful spirits remain in your aura and make you underestimate our own power. Ghosts of enemies which you killed in anger, in past lives get attached to your body in intense moments of emotion and make you lose your self-confidence by consistently attacking you with negative thoughts.
Spirits of alive people who you abuse emotionally also enter you and keep talking in your mind like incessant chatter which makes you anxious and restless. But, unlike as shown in television or horror films, the ghosts cannot kill you or eat you physically.
Spirits need to be released into light through learning spirit release therapy or going for a spirt release session. Releasing spirits increases peace of mind and reduces over-weight, cravings and addictions. Diseases also get healed by removing spirit attachments and your own past life personalities who died in moments of anguish.

Removing spirits into light is beneficial work as it cleanses air of negative thinking .A non released spirit is engrossed in thoughts of sadness and sorrow and its energy revolves around a negative focal point. This spirit can enter a body which sympathizes or welcomes it in as happens with people whose parents or lovers die.

If you hold onto a memory of a lover or parent, you force that energy to remain in the same cycle of sadness it died in. But if you detach from the memory, you allow the soul to go on wars with its journey of soul evolution, free of ties and problems of the life which has ended.
Spirits do not need your fear. They are lost souls without a body; which are like beggars standing in rain without a house to go into. They need your help to go into a positive dimension from which they can be reborn in a new healthy body.

Techniques of spirit release are given in my book REDEFINING HAPPINESS, which are researched and proven as safe. I have seen people heled of diseases after spirit release as I am a trained spirit release therapist. Instead of cultivating fear, please help yourself and the lost souls to get freedom from mental torture by sending memories of dead people into sunlight.

This spirit remains sad as long as it remains unreleased. It remains in cycles of revenge and sorrow but it cannot hurt you unless you choose to believe its thought suggestions and hurt yourself.
Though going to a therapist is advisable, the books I write aim at self empowerment . The book REDEFINING HAPPINESS is available on as paperback and kindle version. Please check the preview and reviews on the link below.

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