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Ghosts are alive consciousness without a  body . Their body has died but consciousness remains alive. Usually, spirits and ghosts get attached as energy to the person who killed them , if death is by murder . However, in a normal routine death, the spirits or ghosts when unreleased stay with family members or with lovers , that is, people who keep thinking about them. Body sharing is likee home sharing for spirits .

The body is the house of the soul. When the body is gone and the soul remains alive, it seeks a house . From an energy perspective, justice can be given to a soul without a  house by providing him or her with a house which was snatched away when it died . Hence, if a soul dies suddenly as in murder or accident, it has to be given back a home to continue with its purpose of life.

When you are responsible for another's death, and that person is not ready to die, you have to give back the space to live which you tool away as a policeman, a criminal or an alcoholic .If you build a real brick house, and give it free to a similar soul or several souls in similar need, you repay your karma energetically on the physical plane . If you do not build a house and the spirits are not released , they will share your body and all the benefits you can give them as the soul always attains justice.Sometimes, when spirits share your body, you lose connection with your own body and the spirit's choices take over your mind.

The connection of the spirit with a human body is through consciousness. The spirits connects to an alive person mentally. The spirit cannot actually hit or murder you physically but the spirit can enter someone else;s body and make that person murder you by controlling his mind. The spirit which may have loved you before death and now stays in your body out of affection can make you mentally distressed , sick and diseased or restless.

Karma plays a role in spirit release which is necessary for you to find happiness by controlling your own subconscious choices . If you have killed someone, you will find happiness only if you take on a life path where you give life purpose back to the person you killed in another body or to several people.

For example, Indian film actor , Salman Khan was arrested for killing people on the street. Karmically, remaining jailed would help him only if he regrets and meditates in the jail to calm down his mind and exhale positive energy. However, if he remains restless, then the soul would not get redemption by being jailed. Karmic payback would include  a life path where he joins a program to build homes for several people, where he promotes welfare of homeless so that the mistake he did by alcohol driving is not repeated because people have homes and do not live on the streets.

It is better to repay karma in the present life than carry over the suffering to the next life . The sooner you repay karma, the easer it is to attain good health and peace of mind with happiness.

Forgiving the self is the first step towards moving on towards God's path . Only when you forgive the self, can you do good work for others ; because to do good, you have to believe you are good and radiate out positive energy with each feeling you focus upon.

Once a person is branded as bad, he becomes badder as everyone around gloat on his being bad. But this person loses his peace of mind and sanity as the soul refuses to stay in a body which thinks it is bad .The soul is always positive in frequency and a positive energy vibration mismatches with a negative thinking pattern. When your soul leaves your body, you feel and behave like a puppet to other people's thinking. The demons control you by making you believe you area  murderer and then making you murder more .

The only way out of this trap of vicious cycle of negativity is to decide to do good for similar souls who you hurt in the past , physically or emotionally, by a conscious choice to heal the self and others.

Also, the spirits which you have killed or who have died in near friends or families have to be released as is covered in the next blog .

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