Sunday, 11 October 2015


Every thought which you focus on has a feeling entailed. The feeling is an electric impulse which is a unit of the soul’s vibration. Your thoughts create your reality.

If you focus on positive thoughts of love and happiness, you will send out vibrations of energy which create the same feelings in your life. If you focus on problems in life, you will find yourself being surrounded by problems on an increasing basis.

Life is a creation of your soul. You create your life yourself by the feelings you focus upon. If you have been used to focusing on problems, your life would be full of problems in the present. You will find problems everywhere around you; and you will find more reasons to focus on problems.

The belief that LIFE IS DIFFICULT sows seeds for life to remain difficult. Your circumstances do not decide the feelings which you focus on. Your choice of which feelings to focus upon decides your circumstances.

Every belief has its pros and cons. For examples, if you believe LIFE IS EASY, you may find that all your needs are fulfilled by your surroundings without enough challenges or career growth. However, a positive belief that LIFE IS EASY would bring more harmony and peace in your life than a belief that LIFE IS DIFFICULT.

Beliefs are created by repetition of feelings in the subconscious mind. You keep talking to yourself silently the whole day and the belief which you focus upon keeps moving you like an energy cycle.

Hence, to change you life from sad to happy or sick to healthy or difficult to easy, you have to be aware of the feelings which you focus upon.

The more you decide to focus on feeling positive, be it in reality or imagination, the more your life would appear positive to you.

The more you carry over tensions of others; the more you worry about everybody’s problems; the more you complain about the nation; the more you spread negative energy from your core.

Most people are addicted to thinking negatively. If they cannot find problems in their own life, they start worrying about the children’s problems or the nation’s problems. The more they worry, the more they aggravate the energy of problems.

If fire is burning the jungle, just complaining that the fire is burning will not dissolve the fire. You can either take action to quench the fire or you can ignore the fire and walk away. Talking about the fire burning the jungle without taking any action or without detaching away from it, adds fuel to the fire. You thoughts are like petrol which increase positive or negative energies in your life.

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