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How the soul/subconscious mind creates and heals body problems

We are souls in human bodies . We incarnate in human bodies from heaven to evolve to a happier frequency than earlier by encountering negativity/
 Earth is a dimension where negative and positive energies interact in unique manner to create physical forms,. Heaven appears more beautiful and the soul feels more powerful after returning to heaven upon successfully and positively completing a journey on Earth.
The kind of negativity which can be experienced on earth cannot be experienced on the heavenly plane.
Souls come on earth to challenge negative energies and defeat them. When the positive spirit overcomes difficulty, with staying happy within , it increases its soul power .
The soul keeps trying several ways to overcome problems but the same problems keep repeating themselves till the soul finds a way by which it can overcome the problems while feeling more positive within.

Problems come in the form of diseases and misfortunes on Earth. They have to be healed with mind control . Medicines or loans help only when the mind is positive about getting healed. If we treat problems while continuing feeling negative, the problems come back in worser forms.

As is explained in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS:


"from the perspective of the soul, negative emotions arise because the soul has to learn some emotional lessons from experiencing difficulties; learning which would help in its evolution.
The difficult experience which causes the negative emotions to rise is usually, a part of a life-plan made before taking birth. The time after incarnation in the physical body, is to deal with the mental and physical problem such that the soul lesson is learnt and the soul feels evolved in the process. The problem stops troubling the person only after the person’s point of dominant emotional focus changes from negative to positive.

Our soul knows it has to evolve and hence, creates problems in the body so that the person notices it is going wrong in making choices of life. It affects the functioning of the subconscious mind by reducing its vibrational frequency to less positive whenever a setback is encountered externally. That harms the body as the subconscious mind controls the functioning of organs in the body, as explained below.

The functioning of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind makes up for about 90 % of human mental capacity. The conscious mind, which is the mind we are aware of, makes up for only about 10 % of our mind.

 The division is metaphorical because it is essentially a difference between levels of conscious awareness at any one moment in a person. In other words, at any moment in time, we are consciously aware of only 10 % of our brain activity. The remaining 90 % is happening at the subconscious (or unconscious) level.

The conscious mind is that part of the mind which we use in the here and now. It makes us aware of ourselves. But, at this moment, we may not be aware of how our feet are placed on the floor, at what rate our heart is beating, all the feelings in our body etc.
All this is being taken care of by the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind controls the autonomic nervous system and the functioning of the internal organs of the body. For example, it keeps our blood circulating, our heart pumping, our limbs working etc. It is also a storehouse of all our memories, programs and habits.

 There is a direct co-relation between the soul, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. If we compare our body with a car, then the soul is the owner of the car, the conscious mind is the driver of the car and the subconscious mind is the engine of the car. 

The soul decides the priorities in a person’s life, i.e., it decides which way the car would go. The life-force energies in our body move such that our conscious mind focuses on those aspects of life which reflect our soul’s priorities and ignores the rest.
In line with the direction received, the conscious mind focuses on some thoughts above the rest. The thoughts it focuses on contain emotions/feelings.
The subconscious mind manifests physically, whichever feeling the conscious mind focuses on, taking it as a command.

 Instructional data is passed down in an energy form, from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind by way of the emotions or feelings, entailed in the thought. Emotions release hormones which affect the functioning of organs.

While we keep going through life’s chores, emotions keep getting released in our body as regularly as breathing happens. Every action we undertake or every thought we focus upon has an emotion attached to it.
For example, if we go to work, there is an emotion or energy accompanying the act. If we feel positive while going to work, positive energy is released by the act; whereas if we feel negative while going to work, negative energy is released.

The subconscious mind controls the functioning of the body strictly according to the instructions given by the conscious mind by way of its focus on some emotions over others.
The subconscious mind does not distinguish between positive and negative feelings. It does not create what is necessarily good for the body, since it does not think on its own. It only follows the conscious mind just as the crew of a ship follows its captain.

Hypnotherapy works on the premise that all diseases, mental and physical problems, in the body are created due to negative instructions being passed down from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind.

Specifically, by a focus on negative emotions in some aspects of life, the conscious mind sends instructional data to the subconscious mind to manifest the negative in the organs meant to handle those situations. This happens as a focus on negative feelings causes a constant flow of negative hormones to the organs concerned, leading to the malfunctioning of the organs overtime.
For example, a focus on suppressed anger may lead to problems in the digestive system, since we get angry when we are literally unable to digest an idea or situation in our existing life. Stomach problems reduce by healing suppressed anger.
Similarly, arthritis or joint pains reflect rigidity in thinking. For, if the person has been focusing on the feeling of being stuck in some area of life on a consistent basis , then that thought would lead to pain in his/her legs or hips or hands etc. i.e. any organ responsible for movement .

In this way, the conscious mind virtually directs the subconscious mind to create physical or emotional problems in the body. Different people have different diseases depending on which specific aspect of their life they tackle negatively. For more details, please refer to the book – ‘Creation of Happiness: Creation of happiness: The Energy War (a soul’s perspective of life)’

Essentially, for a mental or physical problem to be healed completely, the negative emotions being focused upon by the person need to be healed and transcended to positive. That changes the person’s attitude towards himself and his life situations. A positively focused mind leads to release of positive hormones in the body, leading over a period of time to a positive regeneration of organs.

The process of converting a thought process from negative to positive necessitates understanding our needs of soul evolution because we focus negatively on traumatic memories or difficult situations  only when we have pending soul lessons.
Our soul guides us to overcome negative feelings and create happiness in our lives, mentally and physically, when we reorient our mind to overcome the negative feelings such that we rise to a higher level of evolution in the process. Feeling positive while working in harmony with our innate energy helps us evolve to a higher level of happiness.

Reason for not treating on the basis of a label - need for a unique analysis

Suppressed negative emotions cause disease when accumulated as they block the normal flow of positive hormones in the respective organs. A disease is labelled as asthma or spondilitis or diabetes or schizophrenia on the basis of its symptoms.
The symptoms may appear to be the same on the surface, but their deep-rooted emotional causes can be very different for each person.

Each person is different; and, his/her circumstances are different. Hence, the kinds of difficulties s/he faces at an emotional level cannot be generalized. Nor can the method of tackling those difficulties be universalized." - excerpt from Chapter 1 , part 2 - ON SEARCH OF HAPPINESS


Typically, the problems starts healing only when yoiu can imagine it healed. once you start training your mind to think you are moving free of the problems, you start channelizing energies towards getting healed. even if you do take medications or surgery, the problem would go away only if your mind thinks it is gone. The soul will help you heal only when you visualize that you are attaining what you desire in your dreams, and take steps to attain your desires.
Be it changing a job which pays good money but is boring or divorcing a spouse who you dont get along with, you need to believe you have the power to destroy the negative and craete the positive in your life. The feelings you focus on need to be that you are moving on towards attaining your happiness. Feelings matter the most in healing the body and life.

 The more you block yourself, the more blocked your body and life will feel.

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