Sunday, 8 January 2017

Training to Die Easy - The Process of Ascension After Death

Death needs training as birth does. Most people are not aware that the spirit lives on after death. It is necessary to meditate daily for an easy death.
The following steps need to be followed to die easily with no need for suicide:

Meditate for an hour daily or pray with feeling peaceful by choice to be in peace.
Focus on your body in meditation or on your
Pineal gland.
Do not be restless. If thoughts enter, look upwards and smile while in meditation.
Do not think of worries and attachments while in meditation.
Look at God’s light in imagination and feel how it would be to be in complete bliss.
Eat less than needed. Avoid non vegetarian if you want to ascend to peaceful realms. You may eat non veg if you plan to ascend to a lower celestial realm.
To be peaceful, eat fruits and drink more water.
Avoid alcohol and drugs.
Be in imagined peace by choice to not worry. Peace does not come automatically unless enforced by will power.
Be aware that you will leave your body after death but live on in spirit.
Be aware that angels and spirit guide would take you to light if you believe they exist. You will ascend vertically upwards to a higher realm than Earth is through a passage of stairs moving to light or a vehicle going to light. There are several ways of reaching the same destination but all ways move through energy of peace.  .
Be aware that if you do not go to light, you will in another body in a horizontal movement and problems will continue in your life though circumstances may change.
Be aware that you have to ascend to light and come back in a fresh body, by detaching from your current attachments. You will not be free of old attachments unless you choose to detach, even if you are reborn and live a different life.
The person who is dying or about to die needs to meditate regularly and practice walking through an imagined door of light and seeing God as it would when it literally dies.  Where the mind wanders often in imagination, the spirit enters the same vibration after death .The person also needs to complain less and surrender to pain without arguing with self or the system. The more the positive a person is at the moment of death, the easier is it to ascend to God’s light.

If the spirit is a spiritual soul and knows how to ascend to God’s realms after death, then it passes through the door of light, releases its power animals, reviews its life time, checks its karmic score and enters the garden of light for redemption of the soul. The spirit is healed of all emotional wounds after death and the soul is redeemed back to the Higher Self, from where it can choose to reincarnate or stay in heaven.

However, most people do not ascend to God’s light, simply because meditation and connection to God’s lights are not a part of daily regime. Those spirits who do not ascend remain on Earth. They may enter the bodies of parallel souls, reincarnations, relatives or friends or remain in astral realms. They may be reborn as human children and as animal or birds. They may get controlled by tantriks and practitioners of black magic and suffer as slaves of evil.

Usually, the person who has a spirit attachment has a greater desire to die than live on. This person is also equally afraid of death and fears taking risks which a normal person can. Spirit attachments can cause mental or physical sickness. They can also lead to a change in habits of the person. Also, spirit attachments can lead to decline in desire for sex, passion and love.

For example, if the father of a man enters his son after his death, the son’s spirit would lose zest for life and also not love his wife as he could if he was not infected. Overbearing parents have the same effect as spirit attachments.

The spirit attachments have to be released through energy cord cutting on a repeated basis. Usually, therapy is required to release spirit attachments as the spirit has to be repetitively told that it is not alive and has to go to God’s light than stay on in a host body. The spirit is like a virus attachment and keeps sucking away the life force of the person it gets into, thus crippling the person in different ways into becoming dysfunctional.

All peoples need to be aware that spirit attachments are real and have to be refused by the person telepathically as spirits cannot enter without permission and if they have entered , by theft , they can be released on command of own voice.

If you do not ascend after death, your life as a spirit is worse than being alive as you are in another’s body . You deal with the problems of the person whose body you take over but you have no ability to deal with those problems. You feel helpless and homeless as the spirit attachment. Also, the person whose body you are in feels that you are a thief in his or her house as you suck away his life force. You may even enter the body of your enemies if you are killed or murdered. In that case, you would constantly feel attacked as a spirit and create more deaths for yourself emotionally than when you were alive. The saga of an unreleased spirit is sad.

The only solution is to leave the host body and go to the energy of light and enter the celestial realm according to your karmic grading. Being in God’s light is like being home for the soul whereas being in a host body on earth after death is like being homeless and pitiable.

 Therefore, if you feel that death is a solution to problems, you have to live a complete life where you can meet your challenges with a body which works as your own sensory machine; and die with detachment and peace.

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