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The following is an excerpt from my book REDEFINING HAPPINESS . It has been practised to try and test its validity before writing it down. All the 25 techniques of self healing given in this book are applied techniques and have to be applied on self while reading, for the positive energy shift which you desire to be created as an automatic behaviour of your subconscious mind. 



Learning from Past Mistakes


Soul evolution is about learning from past mistakes. We make mistakes because we are in a hurry to achieve an outcome and we adopt wrong methods of learning.
When we make mistakes, we feel negative as we create more trouble for ourselves than happiness.
Mistakes can occur in various areas of life. However, mistakes make us feel negative only when we fail to learn our soul lessons. If we clear our soul tests and do not repeat the pattern of making the mistakes, we evolve to a higher dimension of happiness.
Like, when a toddler falls while walking, it is a mistake. If he keeps falling, he would feel negative. But, if he does not attempt to walk in fear of falling, he may never learn to walk. Once he learns to walk with balance and patience, the mistake would help him evolve.
Hence, in order to evolve and walk with balance in life, it is necessary to learn from mistakes.
However, when we make a mistake, we fall into a trap of negative thinking. Then, because our focus becomes negative, we keep repeating the same mistakes.
If we are in the habit of not learning from mistakes, rescripting the mind from a pure energy level helps. Rescripting the mind from an energy dimension means that we relive the event in our mind but at an energy level. Then, we reverse the energy current in an opposite direction, without repeating the energy pattern of making the mistake. Metaphorically, if we are in the habit of getting into accidents along a path, rescripting our mind means that we walk along the same path in our mind and do not get into an accident.
We would find that we repeat the same patterns in imagination as we do in reality, and it is as difficult to control our mind in imagination as in real life. However, since physical limitations do not awe us in imagination, it is easier to train our mind in that mentally created scenario, than on the real plane. Once new ways of working are discovered by our mind at the abstract level, our subconscious mind transfers the learning on the physical plane more skillfully.
By training our mind to focus on the correct visualization, when we encounter a similar situation again, we find that we automatically do not repeat the mistake. The urge to stay negative reduces as we keep practicing mind control. The following steps can be followed to rescript a memory of a mistake. This will help you subconsciously, reverse the energy of the mistake.

Breaking the Chain – Erasing Habit Of Making Mistakes Subconsciously

•       Close your eyes.
•       Sit with feet flat on the floor or lie down.
•       Keep your spine straight.
•       Stretch out your hands.
•       Keep both your elbows stretched out straight.
•       Let your palms face the sky.
•       Do not rest them anywhere. Keep them suspended in a way that you have to balance the suspended elbows position. This balancing need would make your mind go into semi trance as you continue to focus on the single thought of balancing your hands in air.
•       Next, focus on both your palms at the same time.
•       Keep focusing on your palms while also staring at the center of your eyebrows.
•       Maintain a three point focus for a minute.
•       As you maintain the focus, your eyes would start closing
•       Allow your eyes to close.
•       Count one to five and take in a deep breath to your stomach.
•      See yourself staring at a TV screen or a cinema screen.
•       Now, think of the situation where you usually make a mistake
•       Replay the event in your mind on the TV SCREEN.
•       Record the associated feelings mentally. Be aware of how you feel after having made the mistake
•       Now, just focus on the feeling you feel after the mistake is done.
•       It is a negative feeling.
•       View it as an energy current or as a wire of energy moving in a certain direction.
•       Now, reverse the current.
•       If the energy is moving anti-clockwise, let it rotate clockwise; and if the energy is rotating clockwise, make it rotate anti clockwise. If the energy is going forward, let it come backwards.
•       If the current is moving horizontally, let it come into you vertically. Connect yourself to the sky with a vertical electric wire taking life force current from the sky.
•       Now, focus on the energy moving in a reverse direction for a minute.
•       See the earlier situation again where you made the mistake.
•       Erase the memory.
•       Make the picture blurred, black and white.
•       Make it hazy as if you are erasing it with a rubber.
•       Now, feel the memory being sucked into the sunlight and only white light remaining, as an empty canvas in your mind.
•       In place of the memory of you making the mistake, feel golden energy revolving on the TV screen. Feel the energy wire rotating anti clockwise, in the direction opposite to what it was when you made the mistake.
•       If there is a pull to make the mistake again, control the energy movement with mind power.
•       You would notice that you are as tempted to make the mistake in your mind as in reality.
•      When you control yourself from making the mistake in your imagination, you would be able to control yourself as much from making the mistake in reality.
•       Control your mind again and again by reversing energy currents with force, as if applying a break to a car speeding in a wrong direction. The force would be required because you want to reverse the direction of speed.
•       Ask your spirit guide mentally why you should not make the mistake or how can you correct it in alignment with your plan of soul evolution.
•       Download wisdom as an energy coming into your body from the sky.
•       Now, replay the event with you feeling positive at the end of it.
•       Enter the event with a firm control on your energy.
•       Keep seeing yourself living in the event as you desire.
•       Prevent the negative pull from dissuading you to be weak again and indulge in the action which makes you feel negative at the end. Ask your mind to show you alternative methods of finding the same kind of happiness.
•       Invest   your   energies   in   pursuing   those   alternative methods.
•       The negative urge would keep pulling till you can completely convince yourself that making the mistake is harmful for your happiness.
•       Repeatedly download wisdom in your body as a shower of golden energy coming from the sky and filling your body. Awareness would dawn sooner if you can keep focusing on mentally choosing the alternate methods your mind suggests for tackling that situation.
If you are able to convince yourself that by using the alternative methods, you are able to attain the same intention, as by indulging in the negative behavior, your urge would diminish overtime. Keep practicing the imagination of not repeating the mistakes but using alternative methods to feel good.
Your feeling of being able to control your mind would increase your self-worth, as your soul would evolve to a higher positive frequency.
You may make the mistake again a few times but with consistent, persistent focus on reversing your energy, you would rise above the mistake. Also, before entering the event, always visualize that you are not making the mistake and are coming out of the event feeling empowered, not low in spirits as earlier.
If you are unable to train your mind to focus on not making the mistake, there could be three reasons:
You may be a lazy person or you may lack belief in your own abilities.
The behavior may be in alignment with your soul’s vision of happiness. It may not be a mistake from the soul’s perspective.
There may be requirement of additional therapies like inner child healing or past life therapy. However, persistence to heal would direct you to seek the right therapies needed for your soul to rise to a higher level of happiness.

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