Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Ape Mind vs. the Human Mind

Just pursuing money or success is the continuation of the primitive man’s ape-like thinking and does not empower the logical, human brain which seeks to attain happiness and is not satisfied with success which is devoid of contentment. It has been evident that the creation of more money, power, fame, cars, mobiles, big houses, fancy clothes, jewelry, alcohol, helicopters, spaceships or weapons has not helped people in acquiring the compassionate skills which lead to mastering of love, contentment, routine good health or happiness.

Though weapons of technology have been invested on, peacefulness has been neglected as a side-lined priority. As a result, wars and terrorism have been increasing while peace & harmony have been declining as has been proved by the growth of discontentment, violence & depression in human society in spite of the huge scientific advancement.

To find love, contentment & happiness, investment of human life force energy needs to be on pursuit of emotional management along with scientific advancement. It is necessary to spend time, money & effort on acquiring these emotionally gratifying energies along with pursuing objects of body comfort or image gratification. The mechanical or male aspect of the brain has to be balanced with the emotional or feminine aspect of the brain.

Negative emotions act like poisonous acid in the body and create diseases in the organs if persistently focused upon, as will be explained further on in the books.

It is a general trend to aim at increasing success, wealth and accolades to feel happy in the future.
However, medals on the wall, money in the bank and success in the eyes of the world does not help the soul in feeling loved, happy or healthy.

Therefore, if the aim is to be happy, it is necessary to target at good health, peacefulness of the mind and self respect.

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