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Happiness is the sustained increase in positive energy vibration of the soul which is reflected by good health and peacefulness of  mind , as contrasted with unhappiness which is a progressive decline in good health and peacefulness of the mind “

By learning to silent the negative chatter of the mind, we de-addict from negative thinking. Our soul rises up and takes charge of our body. Positive thinking takes over when we allow ourselves to feel neutral or peaceful at intervals.
Discovering ourselves, as souls, helps to break the recurring dichotomy between the desires of the body and those of the soul.
.If we choose to be happy than stressed, as souls, we come out of staying in difficulties.
We do not help anyone by staying negative and feeling compromised as a negative vibration radiates negative energy patterns on our own life and lives around us . We can help ourselves or others only by creating positive energy cycles.
By learning to be positive, we radiate brighter light as souls and hence brighten the life force of the Creator. Just as the body functions better when each cell feels bright, the God’s universe functions better when each souls feels positive about its own life by choice and with awareness.
 We help God or the Creator by activating our  soul’s energies of co-creation and taking responsibility for all that happens in our life by understanding vibrational movement of our choice of feelings  Problems are created by a negative mental focus and happiness is created by our soul’s positive vibrational frequency overriding the sadness with an optimistic spirit to achieve a specific purpose of evolution which makes the soul feel brighter in energy by being more content, satisfied or  feeling loved through its endeavors at co-creation . These concepts are discussed in detail in my other books on the soul’s perspective of happiness.
Every book in this series of creating happiness as part of the purpose of the soul to rise to a higher positive frequency, would incorporate some self-help exercises. This book starts with the basic self -help exercises, equally needed by base learners and advanced leaners on the path of co-creating happiness.

The following thought processes can be inculcated with daily practice. Please follow the exercises accurately. These are based on summarizing extensive research from several workshops and meditation courses.

1.      If we are conditioned into focusing on problems subconsciously, we have to consciously, make efforts to be thoughtless. Being without any thought helps to stop thinking negative. Only by not thinking negative, can we come out of the difficulties we perceive as our reality.

2. We have to pause our habit of worrying by smiling within ourselves for a few seconds every hour by focusing on anything positive in our life or the word around us . By feeling positive deliberately, we brake the flow of routine negative emotional current in the body. Just as we have to apply brakes on a car to reverse it, we have to break the habit of negative thinking by being thoughtless, to reverse our soul's energy vibration to positive .
3.      Every day for ten minutes we need to remain completely free of thinking. We need to just breathe and smile for theses ten minutes while completely detaching from the outside world. Using an alarm clock helps, if we can allot a specific time. Silence helps to create neutral electric impulses while smiling releases positive hormones in the body; thus erasing a negative energy circuitry previously dominant.
4.      A habit of being in internal silence needs to be acquired within the mind even if there is no time or no silence outside. Start with being silent or smiling inwardly for ten seconds every hour in a detached manner. Deliberate, conscious mind control helps break the habit of automatic, unconscious negative thinking. Use Traffic jams and travelling time to remain thoughtless in inner silence.
5.      Every time, negative feelings rise within you, about yourself, any person or situation, try to think two positive feelings deliberately. Thank God each time you think about the positive qualities. Thanking is a positive energy and attracts more positive energy overtime. Your soul will attract more happy and healthy energy as positive wins over negative by your choice of focus.
6.      Do not dwell on the negative as you will fall down the slope suddenly like a current taking you over. Force yourself to stop thinking negative and push yourself up to instead focus on some positive aspects of your life, yourself or the situation.
7.      Ignore the abusive people in your life as secondary to your priorities of thinking. There are abusive people in everybody’s life as we come on Earth to defeat negative energies which come through people or circumstances. Becoming immune to negative influence helps dilute negative force and spread positive soul consciousness like light spreading over darkness.  A person who is negative seeks to inflict the virus of negative thinking over you and feel justified himself in his own sorrows. When you shift your focus away from negative words, you defeat the negative energy in motion and thus, neutralize the impact of his/her energies over you.

(The Energy Cord Cutting Process is very useful to remove emotional control of negative people in your life. The process uses self- hypnosis for healing emotional energy wounds in the subconscious mind. It is given in the books which cover soul healing methods in detailed steps viz.  - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT and REDEFINING HAPPINESS.)
Do not set time limits for yourself. The process of internal change is long but rewarding in terms of increasing internal satisfaction.
Meditation will create a new energy cycle overtime wherein an old negative life pattern would get demolished. A phase of detachment and being neutral would come which will be followed by health and happiness.
 However, the interim period would be a test of patience and perseverance. Several old values, beliefs and needs would get challenged as we come out of the habit of negative thinking. Overtime, circumstances and people would change as our choices start aligning with the purpose of our soul.
While this book explains the crux of meditation practices, there are problems in the structural evolution of human beings which have to be separately addressed to find inner happiness.
There are several conditioned problems which create circumstantial problems in human existence. Some of these problems come from the carry - over of the traditional beliefs of institutionalized structures of marriage, education, health & armies; due to not having the awareness of how to change the rigidly set rules according to individual priorities & soul needs.  Often, severe health problems arise as a result of constantly feeling negative by choice to brood and remain sad.  There is no training given during the education years on how to release the suppression of negative subconscious feelings which solidify as negative energy structures in the body due to years of negligence & suppression.
Very often, normal people are willing to let go of rigid traditions simply by being made aware that God does not judge you by your ability to follow the rules created by man-made institutions or religions. The more each individuals aligns directly to the frequency of the Creator and feels like a co-creator, the more s/he is willing to detach from pre-conditioned norms of happiness.
The definitions of happiness as set by your parents or fore-fathers are not ideal as negative thinking patterns have affected them as much as they affect you. The institutions of marriage and education created in the olden days have to be modified so that individual human beings learn how to be happy & peaceful as a result of following institutional structures and do not become more stressed and unhealthy, as is happening now.  
 While these institutions can be easily made flexible by incorporating simple meditation & soul healing methods in everyday life, they have been unable to do so up till now due to lack of awareness. These methods of meditation & healing have to be taught from childhood and through the years of schooling so that adults are trained in being emotionally adaptable to overcome difficulties of life as much as they are trained in using maths to manage the money markets.  Health problems can be prevented through positive thinking by using few individualized simple exercises of soul healing. However, the belief that compromise & suffering are fatalities of life blocks evolution to happiness.
Two core challenges which the human world faces in the creation of being happy in difficulties, are discussed in the appendices.

However, for a routine curse in meditation and feeling positive, this book if followed literally, is as good as any meditation course from the common man’s perspective.

 In summary, the process of change is similar to slimming down. We are often tempted to think negatively and we have to self-discipline ourselves.
Whenever free, we need to be either thoughtless or smile to enhance positive vibrations. Smiling inwardly releases positive hormones in the body which create positive feelings. Positive feelings lead to creation of positive electric impulses and a positive internal focus. Hence, a dominant internal focus can be shifted to positive by deliberately smiling inwardly as often as possible. We need to be happy in difficulties to get out of any negative situation.

 Only a positive internal dominant focus can help us become free of chains of a negative external reality. Patterns of recurring difficulties would appear insignificant by changing internal energy frequency from negative to positive. Difficulties are learning lessons for an evolving soul, and the lessons download as intuition develops.

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