Sunday, 21 August 2016

Why can Life Not Be Perfect On Earth ?

It is necessary to be practically aware that nobody can be perfect on Earth as the physical body is energy matter made by a combination of solid , liquid and air . Matter is made of solid, liquid and air and the transformation from solid to liquid to air happens by decreasing density amongst molecules so that they bind together . Tension binds matter . Tension is created by negative thinking which releases negative energy .  The physical body is the solid element of matter which is held together by magnetism created by negative energy particles. Therefore, to stay alive in a body, some amount of negative thinking has to be tolerated .

By tackling difficulties on Earth such that happiness rises more than sadness, the light of the soul  becomes stronger in positive frequency as it helps the process of Creation as  a co-creator .

If sadness rises more than happiness, the soul acts more like a destructor than a co-creator of positive energies. The destructor always feels unhappy and unhealthy as it spreads negativity by its internal vibration. To create happiness, the soul needs to create more positive energies in itself and around. Happiness requires effort as to be happy,   the soul’s intelligence has to be raised so that it can tackle problems of limited time & space on the physical realm which do not exist in nonphysical, celestial realms. The difficulties On Earth have to be tackled within the boundaries of the body and with limitations of  time and space, unlike in the celestial dimension where the soul can travel anywhere at anytime at the speed of thought.

In the celestial realms, the spirit is made of air-like substance and is at a positive or neutral frequency . It enters the physical realm to understand negativity and understand the difference between positive and negative emissions at a practical level. To enter a physical body, the spirit has to increase the density of its molecular atomic structure. Density is increased by adding negative energies. The positive, celestial spirit has to become negative to enter a physical body and it has to keep facing problems to remain negative as long as it wants to stay on in the body , as it is held on by the solid frame through using negative magnetism, which creates problems in life. The problems of life keep the desire to stay alive in a body, as the problems need solutions to move on which necessitate evolution of the spirit. If there were no problems, there would be no need for evolution either .As problems get resolved, the person becomes happier and evolves such  that power and positive frequency of the spirit rise. Therefore , the feeling of being tied up in circumstances and the efforts to be free and positive again are a  part of a soul plan to evolve.

Evolution happens by untangling the energies of problems which are created initially by traditional beliefs and negative thinking, that lead to tying up of free spirit’s  energies in circuits of negative thinking.  By the use of fear as an energy tool,  the positive energy of the spirit  condenses and stays in boundaries ( which the physical body represents metaphorically ). The fear of death is induced at the conception point of the spirit so that the soul is not tempted to run back to the celestial realms when difficulties rise on Earth. Subsequently, negative frequencies are maintained by imperfections, tensions difficulties, diseases and other forms of negative thinking.   Therefore, the negative circumstances cannot be completely erased as tension acts like glue which holds the spirit in the body.

You may desire your life to be perfect but that is not possible on Earth given your plan of evolution and the soul’s purpose of needing to raise inner positive frequency .  As long as you are alive, however hard you may try, there would remain some areas of life where difficulties will repeat themselves and some traits in you where you cannot be perfect. The more advanced souls have greater challenges as the greater the challenge, the stronger is the need for evolution.

Just as medicines have to be taken to achieve a desired result, problems have to be borne as side-effects of evolutionary challenges,  to achieve a higher positive frequency . Yet, just as side-effects have to be minimized, , the difficulties need to be minimized and happiness increased by a process of shifting the internal dominant focus to positive thinking. 

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