Thursday, 14 July 2016

Health and Happiness Are Created By Similar Feelings

Happiness and health are vibrational outcomes of focusing on positive feelings. Disease and unhappiness are outcomes of focusing on sadness & worries. Worries and sadness release negative hormones in the body which cause bbad health and stress in mind. 

Happiness and good health are created by release of positive hormones in the body. Positive hormones are created by focusing on positive feelings, which release positive electric impulses in the body.

You cannot be happy if you are not healthy and mentally content / peaceful.  Happiness is not a product of being rich and successful; as the rich and famous are not happy. They may have a big house and cars but their vibrational focus remains anxious, tense and competitive, they have several aches & pains and their money goes in trying to remain in good health; but they have access to fatty food, alcohol and drugs of expensive varieties which spoil their health more. The rich often feel helpless, weak and powerless in a competitive world.

Poor people are not unhappier compared to the rich albeit they have problems of different kinds. They have starvation, weakness and malnutrition, less money for good medical care and poor education facilities. However, at a vibrational level, they remain as content or dis-satisfied as the rich as the poor also feel helpless, weak and powerless .

Depressions are more of a disease of the rich than poor as the poor are too busy coping up with body needs to think about higher level needs of emotional satisfaction. Whether poor or rich, good health has to be focused upon as a priority over alcohol, drugs and escapism into games.

Hence, happiness does not come just with having money or aping the rich as monkeys imitating those with more bananas. Just eating good food in fancy restaurants is not happiness but can be harmful to good health as it creates indigestion problems. . Happiness comes when you can make efforts to be wise, in good health, mentally peaceful and optimistic, along with feeling successful as a soul which has a purpose. 

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