Sunday, 12 June 2016

Progressive Relaxation- SELF HELP exercise for five minutes.

These exercises are part of a fifteen minute karma paying/praying schedule being designed for schools. in the upcoming book - Spirituality In Education: Redefining Success with rising Peace & Happiness

Preliminary Exercise:

SMILE/ LAUGH  for thirty seconds while focusing on the top of your head  ( The crown chakra )Then,  say Thank You , Body, Thank You Earth, Thank You God  and  SMILE with love and gratitude for your own body and being . 

Positive Effect – Smiling releases positive hormones in the body which improve health in the long run . Expressing Gratitude helps the body feel better and beehave  more co-operatively with the mind .

Progressive body Relaxation for five minutes:

For this exercise, use the following steps.
  • 1.       Imagine the top of your head and feel God’s light on the top of your head. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’. Feel bulbs of light glowing in your brain. Exhale. Then,  breathe in a smiling light for five seconds.

  • 2.       Next move to your eyes. Feel God’s light on your eyes. Exhale tension, Inhale positive light.  Say “Thank you God/ Thank You Life Force”. Feel a glowing light in your eyes for five seconds.

  • 3.       Next move to your Nose. Imagine God’s light on your nose . Exhale stress. Inhale positive light. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’. Feel the light for five seconds.

  • 4.       Next , Move to your chin . Exhale black smoke. Inhale positive light. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’ Feel the chin lighted up for five seconds.

  • 5.       Next, Move to your whole Face. Say “Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force“. Exhale dark energy. Inhale positive light. Feel the ears, cheeks, back of the head  and the whole face lighted up for five seconds.

  • 6.       Next, move to your throat . Exhale black, constricted energy. Inhale fresh, flowing light. Say ‘Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force’. Feel the throat lighted up for five seconds. Feel the back of the throat also lighted up.

  • 7.       Next, move to your Arms. Exhale. Then , feel your arms and fingers lighted up . Say ‘Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force

  • 8.       Next, move to your chest . Exhale. Inhale Light of Love. Feel the heart lighted up . say ‘’Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’’. Feel the centre of the chest filled with light and imagine a heart shape there . Feel the  Heart Expand like a flower opening its petals and receiving light . Feel the back of the heart expand also like a flower opening up to receive light .
  • You give love out from the front of your heart and you receive love from the back of your heart . You have to receive to give. Hence, imagine both the front heart chakra and back heart chakra opening up . Join your hands together  , feel your chest expanding with light and  love, smile and say Thank you, God/ Thank You, Life Force .

  • 9.       Next ,move to your stomach . Exhale tension/gas. Feel  an imagined SUN glowing in the centre of your stomach . You can also imagine a ball of light/ a bulb/ a glowing energy in your stomach . Feel the light spreading its rays all over your body and all the parts of your body glowing with light . Connect a ray of light to the top of your head . Say Thank You God/ Thank you life Force and SMILE  . Feel the light spread for five seconds . Then SMILE and spread the energy of positive light / positive energy to your whole body ,

  • 10.   Next, Feel the light move to your spine and back . Exhale stress. Feel your spine and back lighted up . Say ‘Thank You God/ Life Force for your support “. Feel the light travelling up and down the spine for five seconds, and a lotus opening at the base of your spine . The lotus represents evolution and   the goddess of knowledge . Feel the energy of white light spreading all over your body for five seconds.

  • 11.   Next , feel the light travelling to your legs, knees and feet . Feel your feet glowing with light . Say ‘Thank you God/ Thank You, Life Force ‘for your support. Imagine light moving up and down your legs for five seconds .

  • 12.   Next, feel the light going into Earth from your feet . This is the grounding exercise. Imagine yourself like a tree and feel your energy going deep into Earth like the roots of a  tree. Feel firm in your balance. Release tension into Earth with three deep breaths. Say “Thank you, Earth” and smile for five seconds . Then say “Thank You God/ Thank You Life force” and feel the energy at the top of your head again .

  • 13.   Next feel energy moving from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and deep into Earth , again rising up to the top of your head and again moving down to get deeply rooted into earth .

  • 14.   End the progressive relaxation Exercise with a  smile and thanks  to your body, God and Earth. .

Positive Effect – This exercise helps improve the mind-body-soul balance , with awareness, that there is an energy flow balance between Earth and Cosmic energies. It helps to release positive hormones in the body , feel gratitude, feel supported and improve overall health in the long run.

Reduction Of Negative effect - This exercise activates the clear circular flow of energies which is obstructed by negative thinking, otherwise. An interaction between energies of Earth and Spirit  happens automatically but remains imbalanced without awareness.
Now, you may chant your regular prayers .

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