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Impact Of Education On Negative Thinking

Situations which create trauma or happiness in life , are created by previous circumstances which influence thinking . Thinking Patterns create energy cycles which govern life through generating positive or negative vibrations. A routine focus on all that is missing creates more of the same feelings and you feel inadequate inspite of all hat has been achieved which leads to sickness in body and anxiety in mind

The motive of education is to create a happy and peaceful life. However, instead of creating a peaceful life, the educational design followed in the modern , industrial world is such that it manifests a reverse cycle of thinking where negative vibrations are increasingly reinforced. As a result,  life becomes difficult for children as they move into adulthood. Children become more anxious and aggressive in a  competitive educational system,   instead of becoming emotionally wiser and peaceful .

Difficulties add up because children grow up with a sustained focus on compromise, as the motivation for education is created by focusing on what is missing .

A Law of Repetition operates energy cycles of life in the universe. Energy which influences life patterns is released through the electric impulses generated while feeling an experience, as will be explained in more detail in chapters to follow .  Children learn to feel more by imitation than by preaching . Because of a general focus on suffering in the world, and a need to be materialistically successful , children  are conditioned into thinking that ‘sacrifice of present happiness for future happiness ‘ is essential to be happy.

A focus on what is missing trains young minds to repeatedly focus on deprivation instead of on contentment and fulfilment . A pattern of repetitive negative thinking results from a constant need to feel worried instead of focusing on being content with that which is positive about life . Complaints are subconsciously enumerated over the blessings . Peacefulness evades the being, as anxiety rules internal energy circuits.

Contentment and subsequently, peacefulness can come in mass consciousness and in the individual,  only by focusing on positive aspects of life more than the negative. Positive energy increases by absorbing the happiness from natural surroundings , and by focusing on accomplishments rather than on failures in everyday life.

However, due to a pre-conditioned imperative to continuously perform and improve, there is insufficient time given to absorb and imbibe what has already been learnt ; as more and more information is piled on young minds, which remains undigested . Half of the information which is taught to children becomes irrelevant in adult life but takes up a disproportionately large amount of time in childhood.

The same energy used in the enforcement of discipline for teaching academics can be partly redirected instead on practicing meditation and developing positive thinking exercises which would help improve health and optimism in adult attitudes. Instead, priority time is wasted on teaching general facts  which are meaningless from the perspective of training young minds moving towards emotional challenges of adulthood.

 This blind obedience to authoritative thinking which develops in childhood results in blind imitation of ritualistic thinking, fashion trends and addictive behaviors in adulthood. Several people choose imbalanced relationships,  food habits and life styles only because they feel compelled to continue mechanically without feeling emotionally fulfilled. 

Often, adults encounter subconscious fear when they choose to go against society’s norms because childhood minds are pressurized to obey by using abuse , fear and competition as the teaching forces.  If children refuse to learn, they are reprimanded and punished for not choosing to improve as per the required authoritarian directive or  advised school curriculum.

Education needs to be an ongoing process of participation rather than a test of discipline, facts or computing ability. However, instead of allowing original thinking to evolve in different ways, uniformity of thinking is encouraged. If children question authority directives in family or in school, they are deprived of a regular flow of  love and praise.

The deprivation factor of needing to learn out of fear of losing love, which is used for training the so-called right thinking that is often outdated with the current technological/social context, makes children think that the world is a negative place to be in where continuous compromise and sacrifices are demanded and justice is not given , as it should be.

Teachers constantly feel frustrated and helpless as children rebel because they are forced to ensure discipline at the cost of development of intelligent questioning thinking  . Schools have to function like armies but the same obedience cult does not help to resolve complex work or emotional relationships in adult life.

This negative mind-set creates anger and restlessness in young minds which leads to aggressive outbursts in adulthood. If the blind belief in  a traditional, rigid scarcity - based doctrine is removed, minor changes can easily revise the educational design so that children enjoy learning and find it meaningful by using the applications in their everyday life. 

Yet, though several understand the gaps in the system, individual attempts to initiate change are suppressed and negative thinking is allowed to grow, in an attempt to keep the structure intact. While young children need the deprivation factor as a motivation to grow, the same negative focus continued over the years creates diseases as the repetitive focus continues to remain on the deprivation factors in life, instead of on contentment. Angry/ depressed/sick adults emerge from enthusiastic minds suppressed in childhood.

The core focus on constantly searching for “What is Missing “, is fertilized as a seed of negative thinking which leads to the development of a tree of negative thinking that grows with several branches of ‘what is missing’ in every area of life. Children conditioned into thinking negatively remain dis-satisfied in every sphere of life in adulthood.  The seed of thought is fertilized by constant repetition of the same feeling of focusing on what is missing with an obligation for a need to improve .

For a tree of peacefulness,  good health and happiness to grow, instead ; mind training needs to be given to dissolve the negative energy stuck on roots of thinking.

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