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The curse is a thought wave passed on from one person to another in a moment of intense emotion. The curse has high vibrational negative power as it is created in a moment of feeling intensely negative.

The curse holds across life times and it binds both the abuser and the victim in  a thread of suffering, due to the Law Of Attraction . If one of the two ends of the thread walk away, the curse is broken overtime as it cannot be held on anymore on the same frequency vibration of energy circulation.

For example, if a woman cursed a man who has raped and betrayed her that he will suffer for eternity the pain he gave her , the man will keep suffering the pain of insult and betrayal over life-times but the woman will also keep suffering being raped/insulted by the same man or others; the curse will hold till there is suffering on one end and will dissipate when the suffering dissolves on Earth energy cycle on either end . Hence, when people suffer intensely without reason , it helps to do past life therapy to dissolve the curse and move on with evolution. A transgression into feeling positive from within also dissolves the curse as the curse cannot hold if the core of the web which makes the curse manifest, uplifts to a different frequency than in which it is tied .

A simpler explanation is given below :

Every human being has an energy field or an auric field around him /her. This auric field receives and generates electric impulses in alignment with thoughts of the person.

If one person curses another person, the curse would be received by the other person only if s/he is emotionally weak/ in awe/ dependent on the person cursing. For example, if a saint cursed you, would would receive the curse because you are in awe of the saint. However, if your own wife or husband, colleague or acquaintaince  curse you. You may reject the energy of the curse as insignificant.

In the first case scenario, where you willingly receive the curse, your happiness would reduce till you stay in the time dimension/ spiritual dimension of the curse. The curse would remain over lifetimes on you and will affect all your future life-times till you evolve above the spiritual  frequency at which you were cursed. For example, if a bird is cursed to be a rat , the curse may hold her as a rat for life-times but if she decides that she wants to be a bird again and makes all choices to think like a bird, the curse can no longer hold her down . The thought frequency of a curse can hold you don only as long as you allow it to. If you decide that your independent thought is stronger than the curse, the energy of the curse will no longer bind you.

Also, if you stop respecting the person who cursed you as being foolish or insignificant, then the curse would not be able to control you. A curse is like a binding chain on your energy but it can remain only as long as you allow another person’s domination on you.
However, if a curse is given but is not absorbed by the strong person, it can still affect the weak part of that person where his soul energy is held. For example, if a curse is given to a strong man by a saint, he may reject it and walk away but the energy of the curse can be absorbed by his wife/ lover / children / dependents / any weak people in his auric field – in the same life or in future lifetimes. For example, if a man enslaves farmers in his arrogance and does not care about the bad feelings they send towards him, the energy of the bad feelings will affect his children or those he cares about who are not aware of the curse. The children may get sick or die or not achieve success because the man is cursed.

A real life  example – this is a real life regression example given by Dr. Hans Tend am from Netherlands in a  workshop who conducts a certified degree course in a past life therapy in Netherlands -  “a farmer cursed a land lord while dying that he and his children will suffer as his family suffered. The curse was given intensely at the point of death. Nothing happened to the landlord in that life. However, after he died, the sons of the family started dying. Once his protective shield was broken, the curse started affecting the remaining members of the family. There were no male heirs to his wealth as all the sons died or were diseased. This continued to the next generation. The young boys of the family died. The curse was discovered during a regression process and the negative spirits were released””

Usually, the effects of the curse continue till the tyranny continues. When the soul changes to positive from the core, the curse dissolves as the positive frequency of the soul cannot be bound by the negative energy of the curse due to a frequency mis-matching of energies.
However, where there are no rational reasons for failure or sickness, a curse or a spirit attachment needs to be released, which has been lingering in the aura since a past life along with uplifting soul strength to be positive from within by changing all beliefs and values which make you negative.  

For example, Marie Ann of Scotland was cursed. She had three husbands who betrayed her. The kingdom was lost and she was imprisoned for life by the queen of England.
It was found in a regression that the kingdom was looted by pirates and the princess had condemned them to death in alignment with the judiciary decision. However, the pirates felt that the kingdom was unjust and they had a right to the looted wealth as they wanted to help their friends with it. The pirates had befriended the princess before the robbery when she did not know that they are pirates. The pirates flattered her and wanted her money but she refused to run away as she had responsibility. Overtime, it is discovered that the boys are pirates and she was wrong in befriending them. The pirates are hanged and the bodies are drowned in water in the same way as they drown innocent people who they kill for money. But, since the process is young and the pirates are confident, she gets affected by their thinking process. The spirits of the pirates finds an opening in the aura of the princess and   curse her that she will never find love as she rejected the love of the pirate. Because of the curse, the princess never finds true love in that life-time and over lifetimes. The pirates’ spirits stay around her and the same tests are repeated where she has to let go of responsibility for flimsy needs of her lover or lose the lover. She repeatedly refuses to be corrupted but faces rebuke by society for befriending the wrong men as they cause harm by using her energy.

The energy of the curse repeats itself till it is broken by the soul’s choice to evolve above the frequency of that time dimension. To rise above the curse, the negative energy of the curse in the aura of the soul has to be broken and dissolved; along with increasing the soul strength of the victim to respect her/his own sense of justice over being blamed by the punished.

In brief, the energy of the curse can affect you whether you are good or bad. You can absorb the curse as an abuser or as a victim. The curse stays till you choose to be negative/ abusive/sad but it dissolves when you decide to focus on positive from within. Focusing on energies of self -love, faith in a positive world, goodness, justice, self -respect, trusting the self over negative dominant people; helps in converting soul frequency to positive by rejecting a negative/ evil or bad thought process from within.

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