Tuesday, 19 April 2016


The NEW AGE  is not a war between truthful and liars, corrupt and honest  as is assumed simplistically. The GOLDEN AGE means an awakening of the truth of the soul above the era of illusion and self-deceit.
To lie is simple and childish. It irritates the soul but does not help solve problems regarding happiness in the long term as lying does not address disagreements in thinking or frequency of soul consciousness .To be truthful to your own needs , thinking and choices requires intelligence , delay of gratification and courage . You need to evolve your consciousness above mimicking old ways of thinking to be truthful to your own self and to others, such that you get real satisfaction and not imitated popularity from your efforts  . If you obey blindly, you may become deceitful and betray your own needs to please others .

Evil is a need to win over a need to spread happiness on self or others . Where Good rules, energy of goodness spreads . Where evil rules, unrest spreads and creates upheavels as is happening these days with ending of kalyug and beginning of Satyug . The increasing unrest and disharmony over foolishness ruling is creating a need for deep soul truths to evolve . The  Volcano can erupt on reaching a  tipping point at any time as anger boils over.
Wherever, evil wins, foolishness, sadness and emptiness rule till there is an upheavel which destroys all temporary happiness . Evil people become angry, manipulative, revengeful and sick overtime.  Whatever efforts they do to succeed, sadness continues to rule over them. There is short term euphoria as by taking a drug or buying a car, and then the side effects start taking over. There is an increasing need for happiness and peacefulness. People are tired of compromising . lying and fighting over money . Justice and love are desires of the human heart in the NEW AGE .
Whatever is desired wins overtime . The old gets crushed by dissolution of thought and the new gets created by persistence of the soul over years and life times. Human souls have been struggling for justice and peace over centuries. the time has come when the need for truth of the soul will rule over the need to stay sad to hoard money for survival. Human need for creative and meaningful sustenance as a part of human evolution will rule over the old carry over need of animal fear of survival .
Human beings are not animals. We are not helpless in creation. We can create new resources if we have deprivation. Creation takes time but overtime it happens. There is no need to believe in darkness and live on helplessness over centuries as animals do.
Goodness will win the war over darkness by definition as day always comes after night .. There is no way that darkness can win because there is nothing to paint on a black canvas. If Creation has to be sustained, colours of goodness have to win over evil, by default. That is because effort done with a negative mind-set does not lead to any light coming in your heart. You cannot paint any color of happiness on a black canvas.  

Soul science follows simple rules of logic. A seed of thought creates a tree of creation. Similarly, a seed of sadness destroys optimism from life. If you believe in darkness over happiness, you are doomed to drown before you even attempt to succeed in creation of happiness.
Doubts are like stones on the road. Obstructions come as part of driving towards a destination which gives you peace. You have to clear your doubts and believe in goodness, happiness and love over compromise to allow goodness to win over darkness.
Evil and killing exist in the animal world and the underworld because intelligence is low and  resources are scarce. Less evolved souls are like animal minds which do not evolve as needed for creation of new resources. But, advanced human minds are not helpless. Human beings can think abstractedly and create to fill in whatever is scarce.  Greed comes in because human beings think resources are scarce and they have to kill to survive, which is an automatic carry-over of the conditioned animal mind.
Ambitions follow thoughts. You cannot create anything if you cannot think about what you want to create. Animals just receive, fight or struggle in helplessness for survival. They do not create anew because they do not think in abstract terms. However, human beings evolve.
Earlier, tradition ruled over happiness. Happiness was compromised for pursuit of success. It was assumed that the successful are automatically happy. Men fought wars where thy killed several, destroyed homes and created unhappiness in an attempt to survive themselves by killing others. This was a direct carry over of animal mind-sets. Primitive man had scarce resources and had to kill to survive itself.
The modern man does not have insufficient resources. The need to be greedy and revengeful comes from a carryover of the animal mind set.
The New Age has already begin in 2012. The New Age begins with changes in Earth’s geological structure. These changes happen approximately every 78,500 years, as when the ICE AGES had come earlier and destroyed dinosauric civilization, as recorded by NASA.
With the coming of NEW AGE, there are experiences of increased violence and catastrophes as negativity is thrown off the planet. Earth seeks to balance itself and restore its spiritual balance. There are increasing floods, earthquakes and epidemics. The Earth’s frequency rises with the NEW AGE and all the negativity which could be tolerated earlier cannot be handled anymore with the increasing speed of precision in thinking requires. Metaphorically, Earth is like a car which was allowing dust to collect on t because it was stagnant, But, once the car starts moving dirt falls off. Similarly, Earth is picking up speed now. All the evil which was tolerable earlier will now be thrown off.
There is also a polar reversal happening. Due to the polar reversal. The roles of female and males may shift. Women would start taking over more financial and enterprising responsibilities while men safeguard the structure through maintenance roles. Human civilization is experiencing extreme conflicts and unrest as these emotional shifts are happening along with changes in the energy structure of the planet.
Human beings will rise above the need for hypocracy, lies and deceit in an attempt to be positive as the new energies establish themselves as frequency shifts. Wherever there is extreme restlessness, there will be experience of earthquakes and floods. Natural calamities will keep warning that life is a gift and needs to be respected or it will be taken away.
The need to compete with others will be replaced by a need to  complete each other. People will be less competitive and more willing to help as it will be realized that happiness of all is necessary for individual happiness. There will be freedom to pursue desires ad detach from relationships which no longer serve in evolution of positivity.
Children would not be treated like sacrificial goats. The education system would evolve to allow flexibility in thought process. Competition will no longer serve as an effective tool of teaching as it limits growth to that which is already learnt. Mimicry will be substituted by creativity. Original thinking will be encouraged. Money will no longer remain a criteria of success. Happiness, peacefulness and good health will be the new measure of success.
THE ARRIVAL OF THE GOLDEN ERA  INDICATES EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS towards a golden frequency which is wisdom based and not just survival oriented.

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