Sunday, 26 July 2015


Man is a social animal. Human beings live in societies and seek social upliftment to execute power and gain respect. The rat race starts in childhood when teachers praise the children who get more marks. However, as the children grow up, marks no longer matter in the race for money, and power.
Children are taught that money gets them respect. Hence, as long as they keep earning money, they keep respecting themselves irrespective of whether they get fulfillment from their efforts or not.
If people face blocks in earning money, they feel that they are in difficulties and as soon as the money comes in, their social standing will rise again and the difficulties will go away.

However, when money comes in, several more difficulties come along with it. Money tags along responsibilities, work pressures and abuse from those in superiority. Since money comes in with negative energy, it fails again to bring fulfilment. The race continues and there is demand for more and more money but contentment does not come in, in spite of the increase in money power.
Your social standing may rise as you keep focusing on earning money and fame but you will never feel contented inside, unless you make efforts at SOUL UPLIFTMENT.

Contentment comes in only when your soul frequency rises from a lower dimension of being to a higher realm where you can perceive positivity in the same areas which appeared negative earlier. Soul upliftment is the process of becoming more positive and strong emotionally with every choice you make in life.

If you do not want to feel helpless and trapped in cycles of greed and manipulations, you need soul upliftment, not social upliftment.

You may be a celebrity or you may be a common businessman, but your happiness would depend on how powerful you feel as a person inside yourself. You success depends on whether you are able to take decisions which make you feel content as a being inside the body. Very often, for social upliftment, you make several choices which make other people happy but you feel sad, bored and compromised because you are not feeling happy with the way you are forced to live.

 You may follow all rituals and traditions to please God but happiness will not rise till you connect to God at the soul level and make choices in your everyday life which make you feel empowered and not bound in a cage of social appropriateness. God represents freedom, love and happiness. Till you make choices to  feel free, loved and happy, you are not completely receiving the light of God as your mind is preventing you from receiving wisdom from The Higher Force. Surrendering the mind’s worries to light and feeling freedom and love for some time everyday activates a new cycle in your life which is positive from its source.

It is important to take time off for meditation on a daily basis just as you take time off for physical exercise because you want to be healthy or  look physically smart. Meditation helps release negative energies from the brain and makes you mentally smart. Forcing yourself to stop worrying about everyday problems and just surrender your being to feel pure light travel through yourself helps in removing thoughts stuck in chains of traditional conditioning. Consciousness evolves when you allow yourself to meditate and be free from divisions of caste, creed or religion. Everyone is same in God’s realms and it is necessary to feel the Oneness with divine energies to activate your inner potential to find true contentment.

Man has been stuck in cycles of greed and doom. Where greed stops, doom will also stop.

Soul upliftment is not about helping the poor as those who are poor today, become as greedy and selfish when they become rich, as was proved by the French Revolution. (Royalty was eradicated because it was corrupt but corruption did not stop when the common man became king either.) The very nature of the human being has to evolve from being animal like to being God like for the soul to uplift itself from traps of self-created chains of illusions. Social upliftment does not help you make powerful but soul upliftment does. 

Through meditation, you become thoughtless and new power comes in from the gaps of thinking,  which being thoughtless creates. You take in life force from the Creator’s pure, unconditioned being and generate inner power which radiates from inside you and changes your core to being positive. Meditation makes you healthier and happier as social upliftment never can.

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