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Soul Evolution vs/ Soul Devolution – Happiness vs. Helplessness

Soul evolution is the process which is necessary to attain peace and happiness in life. Soul evolution happens through spending time on being in silence with your inner self, meditation, walks, naturopathy and exercise. Your soul energy heals when you make choices to understand your soul needs, your health improves, abundance rises and you feel supported by God. As you keep rising in soul frequency, your connection with the Creator re-opens. You are able to generate more life force and your inner capacity to overcome hurdles and create joy improves.

Happiness for the soul is not the same as attaining success on Earth in terms of earning money or power or fame. Money, power and fame are illusions created by dark forces to trap souls in cycles of misery where they keep searching for contentment but keep running after battles of success. Money, power or fame , directly , do not lead to soul evolution or happiness. Catching the nose from behind is unnecessary effort and does not always help when the nose can be caught easily from the front as well. 

A person who is very rich and arrogant can be miserable inside. A soul whose levels of peace are low cannot be an evolved soul. An evolved soul focuses on being content, healthy and peaceful by choice.
Where there is no soul evolution, peace and happiness erode/vanish with time. The person degenerates in health and loses hope in life. A quest for wisdom is replaced by contentment with compromise. The soul who does not evolve, automatically devolves.

Devolution of the soul means going back to a lower level of quality of existence. You become unhappier because only when you feel crushed by difficult circumstances of life. Difficulties are energies of negative frequencies and can be overcome by feeling peaceful, learning to detach from unnecessary ambitions and finding happiness through different avenues of being. If you remain stuck with one goal of life which your parents or teachers conditioned into your mind, you cannot evolve as a soul with awareness of his /her own inner needs. If you escape difficulties by using alcohol or drugs or prostitutes, you suffer more, overtime and may be reborn as an animal in the next life; wherein you have to solve a much simpler set of difficulty.

You either evolve or devolve as a soul. If you do not rise to a higher level of peace, happiness, health and contentment in the same life; you will devolve to a lower grade of existence where soul tests are simpler.
For example, a man may be born as a dog, cat, ant or a tree in his next life. Typically, you become the animal whose dominant nature pervades over your senses while being a human being. For example, if you feel starved all your life for a flow of love, you may become a camel in the next life where you hoard water (water symbolizes a flow). Similarly, if you have sex with anyone who gives you a little attention or money, you may become a dog who is loyal to anyone who feeds it something. If you kill people emotionally or physically, for power or money, you may become a tiger. Similarly, if you kill people while looking after a tribe, like a robber does, you may become a lion. All animals have a bigger struggle for survival than human beings but their emotional lessons are much simpler.
Most human soul fragments reincarnate as animals, birds or plants in their next life to complete a soul lesson of emotional contentment which is left incomplete in the human life where the mind is preoccupied with other things.

You can also be reborn as a human being in past time. For example, you may die in 2015 A.D., but be reborn in 1920 A.D. or even in 3000 B.C. You can be reborn at any-time where your karma has been left incomplete and you have to complete some soul lessons before you can attain happiness in any future life.

Karma recycles. People who have been very arrogant in one life usually have to live as poor people or in some sickness where they have to accept charity with insults from others. Arrogance is transcended into positive energy by allowing arrogant people to insult you with a detached attitude. The more you become negative when insulted, the more your karmic debt increases. Similarly, if you have been a dacoit, you will be cheated in another life. 

Largely speaking, abusers have to become victims in another life to repay karmic debt and rise to happiness. However, happiness comes through detaching from abusive people and letting go of the benefits they offer by accepting a more peaceful life by choice.

Happiness does not come by abusing others, bullying people and taking away all the rewards for yourself. You get punished by diseases, sickness and other mis-fortunes coming in your life till you learn to detach from money, power and fame and work with a need to evolve your soul to a higher level of peace and contentment.

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