Friday, 10 April 2015


Do not make efforts to sacrifice your happiness for another's goals,
You are a part o God, your happiness comes from thinking abundantly like God,
The soul has come on Earth to achieve happiness , peace and joy,in its own ways,
Just as you dont like another's tastes in food, his or her happiness would not satisfy your goals in life
Have desires which satisfy your own soul
Pursuing aimless money, success, fame or crime would lead you away from God's walls,
You need to be connected to your inner self for being healthy, happy or wise

Blog concept from - Chapter 19- Creation Of Happiness


 We all desire as part of being human. We come on earth to desire and to create, as the soul is co-creator, the part of the Creator.

However, several of our desires are carried over from our parents, siblings, friends or school pressures. We desire somethings because they want us to achieve, not because we want that kind of achievement ourselves. Ask yourself- 

  1. Are you desiring for your own pleasure or another’s satisfaction?
  2. Will your sacrifice increase your satisfaction or make you feel like a sacrificed goat ?
  3. If you do not pursue this desire or action which another person wants you to, will you be a happier person in the long run or a sadder person ? Do you have alternative desires which pull your soul ? 
  4. Will your sacrifice of your own desire for another's peace,  make another person happy in his own struggles or will you imitate his struggles also along with his ambitions?
  5. Is the action you are taking to satisfy your desire, helping you achieve the satisfaction you desire or are you failing to get the outcome you desire repeatedly? If you feel you are not progressing, you need to move backwards, relearn the strategy, review the outcome again and then restart the pursuit. or change what you desire.
  6. Aim at satisfaction with every desire you pursue because money, fame, success or power will increase you happiness only after you achieve satisfaction.
  7. What do you lose by pursuing the desire ? Is the loss increasing or decreasing your overall happiness ?
  8. What do you gain by pursuing the desire as advised by another ? Is the gain worth the sacrifice ? 

For example, a child who paints may desire to be a scientist because his parents want him to be intellectually acclaimed.
Similarly, a girl may desire to get married to make her parents happy. You may have an ambition of a successful career in army, because your father dreamt of being a soldier. Or you may desire to be a superstar because actors are acclaimed in your house hold.

As long as the desire is pursued to make someone else happy, it may backfire as it would lead to increase in your unhappiness, stress and anxiety. 

 There are two reasons for this:

First reason is that you cannot make anyone else happy by your sacrifice. Sacrifice only as much as it leads to positive energy in your own vibrations. Another person’s happiness depends on his own ability to feel positive in his own circumstances, his power to vibrate his/her own positive light as the co-creator and his ability to balance his own karmic debt. 

If a person is negative by temperament, your sacrifice will not make him positive for long-term. His own circumstances would catch up and he would start feeling sad again in spite of your sacrifice. You will feel like a failure because you pursued his/her ambition hoping that it would make him a better person, but it would not till that person works on his ambition himself.

Secondly, if you sacrifice your desires and needs to pursue another’s happiness, your own happiness would be secondary to you. As long as you tell yourself you are secondary, you will attract the energy of being the second one from the world. Satisfaction would elude you because you would not consider yourself as deserving as another person and you will find yourself dis-satisfied and stressed, simply because you are trying to be happy by pursuing dreams of another person.

Several people attain success but fail to be happy or healthy only because they pursue other people’s ambitions. They try to make everyone else happy by pursuing a marriage or a profession but fail to understand their own soul craving.That is why it is important to align INTENTION – ACTION- OUTCOME and CONSEQUENCE before pursuing any desire. Ask yourself the questions given above repeatedly
  1.  If your inner peace rises with every choice you make, it means you are aligned to your  soul purpose

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