Sunday, 8 March 2015


If women try to understand themselves as parts of God,
They will take responsibility of creating peace and harmony in homes,
Money madness  encourages identifying just with rituals, traditions and clothes,
But, the craze for greed & money subsides if women feel innately confident as souls

Evolved Women can change the world to being more peaceful and compassionate
Children create the future and children inculcate values from mothers
If women evolve, the world will evolve to a higher consciousness of spiritual awareness
As women are the basic pillars of values conditioned in children and young souls

God is in the woman as the goals of God and women are similar. God places priority on caring for its souls as children as women do. God sacrifices for the betterment of humanity as women are expected to sacrifice for the betterment of family. God gives love and peace the highest priority as women are trained to . Happiness for women is in ensuring happiness for her children and family as happiness for God is in creating happiness for humanity.

While men have the responsibility of maintaining houses, women provide the flow of love in the house.The reason why women are able to ensure love for all in the family is because women have different goals than men have. When women try to be like men in ambition, society deteriorates as a mechanical need for money superseeds emotional satisfaction. Violence and greed rise if women are forced to earn money for satisfying male criterion of expenditures.

Women are different from men. Not only physically, but also mentally, subconsciously and astrally.

The only reason why women try to be like men is to gain self-respect in a male dominated society. However, working women become more sacrificed in the rat race as they cannot ignore their emotional responsibilities towards family and children while pursuing money and success. Women have to balance the need for earning money with family responsibilities to be happy themselves.Women have a different definition of success than men. While a man considers himself successful if he ignores his family and pursues ambition ruthlessly, a woman considers herself a failure if her family gets compromised because she has to pursue success.
There are often several conflicts between men and women because of their differing goals of life. Men consider themselves heroes if they have several girlfriends whereas women are branded as prostitutes if they have several boyfriends.
Women like to be emotionally connected than be mechanically satisfied sexually and they feel incomplete if emotional links are missing in any relationship.

If we equate success with money, then women are not successful because they sacrifice earning money inspite of being as mentally capable and intelligent as men are ; because their happiness lies in spreading love and security to the family.Women have to sacrifice several of their needs because they do not directly earn money.On the negative side women become more superstitious, more fashion conscious and more insecure about the future because they do not directly control their financial future.Several women believe that they have to spend on cothes and religion in order to keep their husbands happy and family secure. They seek creative satisfaction by investing in jewelry, clothes or worrying about worst futures .Side effects are there is every career choice. 

Being a homemaker has its setbacks.Women however can find immense satisfaction as homemakers if they understand that their soul evolution is through sacrifice of monetary goals for goals of spiritual satisfaction. Women can inculcate deep feelings of peace and pass it to the men they have sex with through energy transfers.Women can emotionally connect to the children better and hence help the children grow up as secure and emotionally balanced .For all self empowering goals, women have to seek their identity as separate from the men who they work for as wives or employees. When women take responsibilities for their choices we would have less men dominating, bullying or spreading violence .Women need to focus on their feminine skills than trying to imitate the man in order to be successful. If birds imitate fishes, they drown.Women have innate power to visualize, meditate and believe in happiness for society to rise to a higher state of happiness, as a whole.

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