Sunday, 22 March 2015


What will happen if we accepted that past lives are real?
Will we make the same choices if we know we have to live with them eternally?
Would our perspective of life remain the same if this cycle were never to end?
Would Hitler have killed so many people if he knew that nobody dies and all the people who he suffocated would return and suffocate him over life-times?
Would there be so much crime and theft if people were sure it would return?
Would you hit your friends if there was a teacher who hit you back immediately and made you realize you were hit because you hit your friend?
Would men hit their wives if they knew that the same souls who are wives hit them back as husbands in other lives?

The answer to all these questions is NO. If people are made aware that every energy they send out recycles, they will not make decisions for short term or one life.
If you do not like your wife or husband in this life, and you knew you have to live with that energy over life-times, you would make efforts to change yourself or raise your soul frequency through meditation; so that you can detach from that person’s energy, or eternity. Till you are in the same soul class, you are soulmates; be it as teacher/student relationship or same peer relationship. Disabled people are usually teachers or ascended masters who come on Earth to teach lessons like patience, love and compassion for those who make selfish choices but want to evolve to happiness.

 People do not go away from your life simply by death or divorce. People leave you when you choose to let them go and you move to a different level of soul awareness. To break away, you need to vibrate at a different or higher soul frequency than they do, by using meditation, self awareness or prayers to help you detach from misery. There are some souls who evolve very differently and these knots have to be broken by choice to be free, to rise to happiness.

The same scenario which holds for relationships holds for professional and health problems. If you have cancer and you die, you will be reborn with work problems where you feel irritated , which can lead to cancer, or emotional issues which led to cancer. You will carry over impulsive anger,finickiness, impatience etc. as all these emotional imbalances lead to cancer. Similarly, if you die of asthma, suffocation, poisoning, drowning or any problem where your throat felt constricted, you will be reborn with throat problems, inability to speak freely, speech shyness, breathlessness in negative atmospheres, self-blame, feeling of defeat etc.

Problems carry over and do not get solved by death. Past life therapy helps to resolve problems in this life so that they do not become worse over life-times. The seeds we sow to heal ourselves now make us happier in our present life and in our future life-times. If we do not end the cycle of misery through self- improvement in this life, the same cycle repeats over life-times.

Most of our misery comes when we cannot make other people happy who we care about. But, by pulling ourselves down due to their inability to learn, we do injustice to God. When a student does not learn, it is not the fault of the teacher or the syllabus but more often a disagreement in the mind of the student which makes him lazy or an escapist.

Disabilities and health problems are karmic.  If our child is retarded and we keep blaming ourselves for our inability to help, we indirectly blame God’s plan of karmic justice. We are not responsible for anybody’s death, disease, suffering or choices of life. We can only spread positive energy with our intentions to help. Whether they receive help or don’t is their own choice. Each person’s suffering, is his own karma. We can only help others as much as they chose to help themselves and the more we stay positive, the more we help spread happiness.

There are several religions who deny the existence of past lives like Christianity or Muslim religion but violence and crime rates are highest in these religions.

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