Wednesday, 29 October 2014


It is necessary to get salvation if you have been sinning to get success, power, fame or sex. It is necessary to get liberation if you have been caught in a trap of negative thinking and you want your life to move on . It is essential to get redemption if you have lost on positive energy due to making wrong choices in life , so that you can restart the game of life at the level you left. Enligtenment is needed when you feel bored of being on Earth and want to move on to higher levels of existence on more advanced realities.

Life, for a  soul is like a video game where good deeds, thoughts and feelings release positive karma and negative feelings release negative karmic points , be it through bad action or good action done with a negative intention. Earning positive karma is necessary to be happy. You cannot be happy when you are negative or have a negative karmic debt .

When your negative and positive karmic balance is zero, you achieve SALVATION. You are free to rise to a positive state, to be happy.
When you end a negative pattern in your life and are no longer pulled by dark forces underlying that energy cycle, you achieve LIBERATION.
When you rise towards being positive and restore back to the positive state you were in before you became negative on Earth, you achieve REDEMPTION. You can play the same game again or take up new soul lessons after you redeem your karmic points.
When you allow light to come in and rise above illusions of Earth towards realizing your celestial state of being while being alive on Earth, you achieve ENLIGHTENMENT.

Soul seeking happiness has to pass all these stages of evolution. Each stage encompasses tests of enlightenment. Happiness and realization of love are the highest states of bliss which are in sync. With the vibration of the Creator.
If you achieve happiness and contentment on Earth, there is no desire left to reincarnate and face the same cycle all over again.
Everyone desires happiness- be it a sinner or a saint, a murderer or teacher, an actor or prostitute/ Everything that we do is to achieve happiness.
However, we often choose negative paths to happiness when we lose patience , and get influenced by the rich and famous in society who may be following a negative path themselves.
We can’t ne negative and happy at the same time. Happiness is not an end of a  cycle. Happiness is like food. It is needed on a  daily basis to feel alive.
 The first step to be happy if you have been a criminal , a murderer , a prostitute or a sad person , in general ---- is to dissolve the negative energy you have already created by your thoughts, feelings and actions . Energy is created by every feeling focussed upon , not by actions but by feelings underlying the act. Karma is a product of electric impulses created in the body in response to feelings. When we feel positive, we create positive electric impulse and when we feel negative, we create negative electric impulses.
Electric impulses create hormones in the bloodstream. So, when we feel positive, we spread positive hormones in our body and we feel good, healthy, optimistic etc. When we feel negative , we release negative hormones in the bloodstream . We feel sad, angry, restless, frustrated , anxious etc and we develop diseases overtime like blood pressure problems, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, cancer etc.
The cure of all diseases is to make choices in life to feel positive. However, that leads us into a process towards enlightenment, a freedom from cycle of births and deaths. A happy body and a happy mind need a detachment from illusions of reality which we all get conditioned into during our upbringing.
Any process of meditation is effective where you can be focused within your mind and be thoughtless and neutral in feeling or in a positive state of feeling wherein you are releasing positive hormones in the body ,

We can start with one minute in the day, followed by ten minutes before sleeping and ten minutes after getting up. Overtime, this habit to stay positive should become a routine for the mind thereby replacing the earlier routine of staying negative.

Staying positive by choice or making choices to stay positive is necessary to be healthy or happy. Usually, mind control is required to not get swayed in by negative people or influences and temptation to brood has to be resisted, Also, you cannot start worrying immediately after becoming positive in meditation. The energy of being positive needs to be carried forward into every activity. Usually, such a process needs to be followed through the day meaning that whatever activity you may be engaged externally, you remain optimistic inside yourself and keep releasing positive hormones in the body.
The karmic balance is an average of negative and positive feelings being focused upon in the day . You cannot afford to be negative if you seek happiness on an average. If there is worry, process is mentally. If you find solutions, be happy. If you do not fond solutions, be back in your detached state and let go of the worry asking God or angels to help. It is like releasing a kite into the sky .
Staying detached is the best way to find solutions to a  problem as being worried is a negative state and you cannot find a positive solution in a negative state. That is why most solutions come in when we let go, give up and get detached, sleep on it . That way we rise from a  negative state to a ZERO frequency in which the + PLUS frequency of the solution can enter.

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