Thursday, 16 February 2017

Soul Ascension is energized by Detached, Intermittent, Positive Reinforcement

The following excerpt is from the upcoming, updated version of the book - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT 

The spirit comes in body to feel alive with physical vibrations,

The physical dimension offers deep experiences of structural limitations and victories of positive over negative, which are abstractedly felt in astral realms

To feel joy with a body requires acceptance of needs of the physical world along with balancing needs of the spirit world

Chapter 5 - Soul Ascension Towards Happiness ( A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT )

Happiness and enlightenment cannot arrive by ignoring problems  to be happy  or by denying that problems exist . Instead of preaching spirituality as being always good and being critical of routine difficulties; happiness arrives by overcoming difficulties with a  positive spirit while participating in the joys of life. Being alive entails consumerism , fashion, love, passion and joys of the creative soul other than work pursuits,  and it is necessary to be aware that facing negative setbacks experienced in family life and relationships,  propels life force towards attainment of higher positive frequencies.
The struggle for happiness, over lifetimes, leads to realization of inner peace and enlightenment . Difficulties create higher wisdom for the spirit who overcomes problems with optimism, hope and feeling peaceful than brooding over the negative setbacks.
Soul ascension to happiness is a process of acquisition and detachment wherein you acquire strength through worldly means to climb the next step on the ladder of ascension ; but detach from the lower ladder  of bad health, deprivation or lack of peace for moving onwards to a higher soul frequency.
Enlightenment is a process which is attained after a  spirit feels fulfilled , loved and acquires peacefulness by choice. Hence, to be happy and emotionally balanced, it is necessary to balance the need to spend on passions with the art of practising detachment than completely force detachment as punishment on self. As research has proved through applied behavior analysis, positive reinforcement and intermittent rewarding gets better work done from children than negative reinforcement or punishment. The same theory applies while training the self to achieve more positivity . Rewarding the soul and praising small achievements helps more than depriving the self, as was the traditional route to enlightenment .
The balancing of consumerism with spiritualism and detachment leads to inner feelings of peace  while forcing hunger/ emptiness on self leads to  feelings of negativity  and helplessness . As contrasted with greed which is akin to over-eating,  disciplined indulgence takes a soul closer to being happier for matching higher positive frequencies of the Creator .

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